Solar Panel Owners Urged To Register For Tariff

Solar Panel Owners Urged To Register For Tariff Image
Homeowners who have already installed solar panels and other renewable energy technology are being encouraged to register under the new feed-in tariff scheme.

Those who had been part of the Renewable Obligation scheme are entitled to transfer to the government's new incentive and receive funds for the energy they generate.

According to figures from the Renewable Energy Association, there have been 6,900 installations of solar PV since the tariff was introduced in April, 1,390 of which were pre-existing installations that have successfully transferred to the incentive.

However, has reported that around 4,700 properties, including domestic homes that have the technology, have still not requested a transfer and could lose out on earning an additional income the incentive facilitates.

Homeowners have until October 1st to apply for a transfer.

It was reported last week that August was a record month for homeowners installing solar PV.

Ofgem figures reveal that there were 2,257 homes fitted with the technology, an increase from 1,700 in July.

Credit: [Mark Stephens]