Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panels Image
When a homeowner decides to go green they may do it with the addition of solar panels. These devices are placed on the roof and can help to provide the main source of energy for the house. There are many models of solar panels with differing amounts of efficiency. The number of panels will represent how much power is needed and how much space is available in the house.

A large house may need more panels. Each item will create a certain amount of energy. A company that sells these devices will let a homeowner how many panels they should buy based on the size of their home. If a home has limited roof space, more efficient panels may be used, but they frequently cost a bit more.

Most power companies charge for electricity on a tiered basis. The last kilowatt costs more than the first. For this reason, it's often advantageous to just generate enough electricity with solar panels to avoid paying for the most expensive kilowatts. Installing a fairly small system costs less, and the solar panels generate enough energy to cover a portion of the home's needs. The panels will generate more electricity on hot summer days when the air conditioning is running. While they would still use regular energy, their home would still draw on the power from the solar devices.

Solar panels and all the equipment that go with them are sold at local home improvement stores. There are many brands and models available, each with different specs. Many home improvement stores employ sales people who can help customers determine what is best for their homes.

They will also discuss the cost and price of the different units. Smaller products could be great for a small house or providing the energy to a home at a certain percentage. The smaller the panel the less the cost could be.

The fee could be charged to the customer each and every month like a bill. The customer would pay a monthly fee until the solar units were paid off. Solar panel installation companies often work together with a lender to fund the solar panels. Homeowners who are able to pay cash upfront don't have to worry about payments at all, plus they won't have to pay any interest.

If there are enough devices on the house to eliminate the need for hydro bills, the customer would save money on that bill each and every month. This money can go directly to the loan that funded the installation. Not having to pay a monthly bill for any energy costs, could be a great concept for any homeowner. With the average household already spending enough on keeping the house running, saving money on just one bill can help out allot.

For those who want to live a little greener, solar panels for homes are a great option. Although some homeowners associations have been slow to accept any asthetic change, modern solar panels look good on a roof. They're flat and sleek and lie flush with the roof on top of alll types of shingles. If the roof is already dark, the addition of solar panels will have minimal impact on the appearance of the home. Since a system is made up of individual solar panels, it's easy to scale the project to the appropriate size for the home. In some cases, as soon as one neighbor goes green, others begin to follow. A trend could be started from one neighbor to the next. It's good not only for the neighborhood, but also for the whole environment to move toward a renewable energy source such as solar power.

Credit: [Sanja Terry]