Solar Power Is Really A Form Of Green Power Source

Solar Power Is Really A Form Of Green Power Source Image
Solar energy is really a green energy power source because it is a renewable energy resource also it doesn't cause any harm to the environmental surroundings. This is done by converting sunshine into electricity with the help of large solar panels.

You will find three basic approaches to the way we may use this type of green power source namely passive, active by using PV cells.

Whenever we refer to passive solar energy, nothing is converted. What happens is the building's design helps avoid heat loss and gets the most out of the sun shining during the day.

So people can easily see the awesome power of solar power, did you know a kilowatt of solar power can produce 5.5 hours of electricity daily. For those who have more solar panels in place, naturally you will be able to produce enough power to last several days for most household items.

Solar power is simply one form of a green energy source around. Through the years, we have learned to tap other resources and these examples include wind power, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity and biogas. They are all safe and by using these more often, we do not need to rely on oil which is a nonrenewable resource.

To create this to happen, we must persuade our law makers to advertise using such resources. Although you hear speeches right and left about their concern for the environment, it's all talk and never much action. It is something that has to change.

Two countries that have increased solar usage are actually Germany and Japan. Spain, France, Italy and Columbia are next on the list but where is America? Well, something is definite and that it's not in the top ten even though it is an industrialized nation.

Credit: [Bill Hansen]