The Advantages Of Using Wind Turbines For The Home

The Advantages Of Using Wind Turbines For The Home Image
There is no doubt that there are a number of benefits for those who choose to use wind turbines for the home. Electricity bills can be significantly reduced and in some instances homeowners can actually profit from any electricity that they generate. Additionally, homeowners who decide to utilize this product will be reducing their carbon foot print and helping to reduce damage to the environment.

A turbine uses very large blades which are powered by the wind. As the blades turn electricity is generated. However, there are two different types of turbines which are used for domestic purposes. A building mounted or a pole mounted turbine.

A turbine which is mounted on a building tends to be smaller than that of the pole mounted version. Generally speaking, the building mounted version is installed on the roof of a property. In contrast, a turbine which is mounted on a pole stands alone and can produce energy of up to six KW. Which ever is used, they are always installed where adequate amounts of windy weather are guaranteed.

The cost of installation varies and will depend on the size and type of unit. A free standing, pole mounted turbine, is usually the most expensive, with a smaller roof mounted unit being the least expensive. A pole mounted unit, also produces the most energy.

Windy weather does not have to be paid for, ensuring that once the cost of the installation has been paid electricity is free. As with many products, however, the turbines need some maintenance and, therefore, some maintenance costs will be incurred. Nevertheless, as electricity is supplied free of charge any maintenance costs are minimal.

Environmentalists or those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint, will be pleased to discover that by generating power in this way, no harmful toxins are released into the atmosphere. Electricity which is produced by the power of the weather is a sustainable, renewable energy source. An additional benefit for some users, is that surplus power can be sold on for a profit. In addition, those users who live in areas where the weather is changeable can also store surplus energy in batteries for later use when the weather is not suitable for generating power.

Wind turbines for the home, offer numerous benefits and advantages for potential users. A significant reduction in energy costs and a potential income from the sale of electricity are just some of the advantages of producing electricity in this way. In addition, clean energy is produced which will help to save the environment.

Credit: [Adam Josson]