Why Solar Energy Is Good For The Environment

Why Solar Energy Is Good For The Environment
Have you ever visited a city covered in smog? When you visit a place where there are hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks on the roads each day, all those exhaust fumes end up in the atmosphere, and sometimes the air gets so dirty that smog envelopes a region, dimming the amount of available sunlight and hurting the lungs of those who breathe the polluted air in.

What if the whole world used just solar energy to power things? Imagine how much cleaner the planet's air would be!

Solar energy comes from the sun, making it a clean and sustainable energy source. Sunlight shouldn't "run out" anytime soon, whereas other energy sources- those produced with fossil fuels, for instance-might. If you were asked to choose which is the cleanest energy source among coal, nuclear or solar, the winner is solar.

Solar energy can be harvested in a safe, quiet, low-maintenance way that doesn't ruin a region's land or water ecosystem. Oilrigs and coalmines, on the other hand, aren't exactly quiet or clean.

Thankfully, solar energy does not produce harmful gases or toxic byproducts. And the price for buying and installing solar panels in order to power your home or business has become quite affordable in recent times.

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