The Malaysia Wants Nuclear Reactors

The Malaysia Wants Nuclear Reactors Image
The Malaysian Prime Minister was asking the public on what they think on the use of nuclear power generation in Malaysia..?

Why nuclear power? FOSSIL FUEL PRICE is expected to get higher and higher for years to come. Since power generators in our country rely so much on diesel, the power generation cost will inevitably get higher in the future; something that is a definite upset factor to the whole population. So, to keep costs low, nuclear power is an option to be reckoned. Additional to that, earth's reserve of fossil fuel is expected to be fully depleted in the near future that other sources of energy need to be utilized.

Since the PM asked, I would like to express my curiosity on why aren't we opting for renewable energy sources such as SOLAR AND BIOMASS ENERGY INSTEAD?

Of all the renewable energy resources, I am more keen on harnessing the rays of the sun since Malaysia is a tropical country where sunshine can be obtained almost all year round. There are many countries now practicing this. IN THE US, A HUGE COMPLEX OF SOLAR ENERGY POWER STATIONS capable of producing 356MW of electricity is already supplying power to thousands of premises. As a back up, these plants can also run on Natural Gas and Batteries. Another Green factor here is that the plants; while doing so is also reducing thousands of TONS OF POTENTIAL POLLUTANTS by not using fossil fuel in its operation. A two prong action - produce clean energy and reducing pollution simultaneously.

Solar energy generation as such has disadvantages though. One of them is that the plant will require a HUGE AREA to accomodate the solar panels. The plant in the US for instance required an area as big as 6.5km2! The US is a big country that 6.5km2 of land for a single solar power plant is nothing to them. For us, that would have mean cutting down more forests to make up for the land required - creating an environmental issue while trying to close the gap for the other. I would also guess that the Nuclear Reactors can produce MORE MW compared to the Solar powerplants.

On the other hand, expertise and capital wise, both nuclear and solar powered electricity generation is expected to demand imported foreign expertise while demanding huge capital to actually erect and maintain them. This may result in HIGHER COST OF POWER GENERATION and this will translate to higher tariffs - burden to us.

Both kinds of plants can't also escape the possibilities and probabilities of ACCIDENTS. The nuclear powerplant in this context however carried a greater hazard potential due to its highly radioactive 'heart' as what happened in Chernobyl 14 years back.

On a more positive note though, a number of countries now enjoyed electricity generation from their nuclear powerplants AS FAR BACK AS 15 YEARS AGO without some accidents..but still not major ones. Chernobyl was the only major disaster. The only one.

No matter it's a nuclear powerplant or solar powerplant, Malaysians simply have to ERADICATE THEIR 'TAK APA' stance and uphold the stringest quality principle to operate and maintain these plants safely and productively. Without that attitude, it is safer for us to actually return back to the time when Cavemen created fire as a source of energy!