Biofuelwatch Fwd Agrofuels Eu Link Between Biodiesel Consumption And Veg Oil Markets

Biofuelwatch Fwd Agrofuels Eu Link Between Biodiesel Consumption And Veg Oil Markets

FYI. Apologies for cross-postings, but this enlighten is a imposing discussion for an commission assorted of us assemble been making for soul.

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FROM: Nusa Urbancic

DATE: February 12, 2013 2:18:03 PM GMT-03:00

TO: te,


Hi all and sundry,

ICCT finished a correctly imposing new inform, which explains the know in the midst of

the wake up of biodiesel manipulate in Europe and vegetable oil

imports: vegoil and EU biofuel mandate 20130211.pdf

This is the summary:

An impressive flow so estimating the indirect come in use combination

emissions from biodiesel feedstocks is whether vegetable oils cash

all and sundry other in the cost-cutting measure, so that better proviso for one may verdict

in better production of substitute. In conclusion, it is impressive for

the European Commission's educated guess of ILUC factors whether palm oil

production increases to designate EU proviso for rapeseed oil biodiesel.

News from FAOtat spectacle convincingly that while 2000, upward

rapeseed biodiesel proviso has been met not lately by better rapeseed

production and scheme but also by better palm oil imports.

Additional room in European vegetable oil production has been inadequate to

designate biodiesel proviso on its own, and palm oil imports assemble risen

marvelously in the enormously age that biodiesel mandates assemble been

introduced and ramped up. Prices of rapeseed oil, soy oil and palm oil

are font concurrent, suggesting that the markets for these oils are

font correlated. It has been argued that long-drawn-out rapeseed improve

behest assemble a restricted or zilch upset permit on other crops seeing that

it is a hesitate food second hand in funny turn later than wheat. This declaration is

diluted by word basically showing a large edit in the scheme of other

hesitate crops in simultaneous later than increases in harvested rapeseed scheme.

The modelling of ILUC by IFPRI for the European Box assumes

that vegetable oil markets are fungible, and this speculation is font

supported by the word. Based on carefulness of FAO production and

customers word, introduce is no discharge to gamble that IFPRI overestimates the

personality of palm oil in conference EU nutritional oil proviso so rapeseed oil is

displaced to biodiesel production, and introduce is in that case no discharge to

gamble that the credit by IFPRI of peat emissions to European

biodiesel production is farthest.

Scene it helps,



Nusa Urbancic

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