The Benefits Of Wind Turbine Energy

The Benefits Of Wind Turbine Energy Image


A SUSTAINABLE IRELAND requires the conversion of energy production to as many green sources as possible. One of the best choices for home-scale RENEWABLE ENERGY production is WIND ENERGY. Even though they can only be used in areas that get enough wind, wind turbines are easy to install and are even more efficient than SOLAR PANELS. The efficiency of wind turbines is determined by the amount of wind available, and some small scale wind turbines have peak efficiencies of 40 percent and can generate as much as 10 kwh per year.


When the wind blows over a WIND TURBINE, it causes the turbine to turn. This converts the kinetic energy of the wind into MECHANICAL ENERGY. The turning turbine spins a shaft inside that is connected to a generator which produces electricity. The electricity can then be used to power a home or business.

The faster the wind blows, the more electricity the turbine generates. Turbines can automatically lock themselves to prevent damage if the wind blows too hard. Because WIND TURBINES only work when the wind blows, most systems include batteries that store power for later use. The same principles are used for both small and large scale power plants.


WIND POWER is one of the fastest growing forms of SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, but it is also one of the oldest. WIND TURBINES have been used to pump water and turn millstones for centuries. WIND POWER is the only form of GREEN ENERGY that can be either low tech or high tech. Most WIND TURBINES have a long lifespan and are easy to repair when they break. WIND TURBINES often work in areas where SOLAR POWER is impractical. Furthermore, a small scale WIND POWER SYSTEM is economical, saving on ENERGY BILLS for years after it's installation.