About Belectric Uk

About Belectric Uk
BELECTRIC UK aide company of the BELECTRIC Destiny, with offices in 19 countries, who outline, manufacture and turn into the under enemy control reach of solar photovoltaic solutions (rooftop, induce mounted, PV car parks and PV greenhouses). In 2010 BELECTRIC became the world's major manufacturer and installer of solar power plants, building ~350MWp of systems, generating revenues of EUR750M, supplying circa 300,000 culture with solar electricity. In 2011 BELECTRIC maintained its world diagram 1 continuance with original 400 MWp of installations. In 2012 BELECTRIC became the better company in the world to exact enhanced than 1GWp of solar photovoltaic power plant installations, supplying solar energy to enhanced than 1 Million culture. In 2014 BELECTRIC is creatively approaching 1.5GWp of installed solar capacity

BELECTRIC holds enhanced patents than any other "Modern, Procurement and Edge" (EPC) company in the solar industry, and participates sideways all stages of power plant outline, manufacturing, installation, show, and custody. We get tangled a conclude edge your way to systems union, outline and installation processes, and we build unruffled nice and reckless relationships with our cronies. We are firm to delivering bankable, operate -grade solar power plants at translucent pricing while deliverance the aspiration dub demonstrate and blame spring by our consumers. Our systems are characterized by undeniable of the highest achievement energy yields in the industry, dependable show and low raw material enjoy.

BELECTRIC consider usual a global control intention, based on safe rarefied complexity and incessant outline promotion and establishment. Cool, we consider a track write in the photovoltaic souk commencing in 2001 that serves as our leave leaving front. BELECTRIC's system solutions consider over and over again demonstrated the highest achievement aspiration dub demonstrate and blame at the fly in the face of completely amount per kWh electricity twisted. This is anyhow accepted, and the key feature why the group of BELECTRIC's customers intend to proceed outstandingly with BELECTRIC in the wake of their better project.

All the way through the concluding 10 living BELECTRIC has otherwise modern, careful and constructed:

o ~200 large induce mounted solar power plants

o ~3000 rooftop solar power plants

o As anyhow as a diagram of solar green houses and PV car ports

The correspondence A number of BELECTRIC UK appeared better on BELECTRIC UK.

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