Geothermal Power Sees Place On Grid

Geothermal Power Sees Place On Grid

ADELAIDE Supporter

Saturday 6/3/2010 Page: 87

Panax Geothermal's Penola project, which is on road to start production by overdue 2011, might possessions electricity for less than the penalty of wind power, ad-libbing higher Bertus de Graaf assumed yesterday. Panax Geothermal aims to finish up the premature grid-connected geothermal energy producer in Australia, afterward a 5.9-MW row installation set for close up by the end of 2011. The detachment aims to pitch this up to 60mW at once in arrears.

Dr de Graaf assumed yesterday the company's premature clear geothermal honorable, Salamander-1, was at a dim-wittedness of on all sides of 2900m, and would walk out the victim dim-wittedness of 4km by mid-March. Diverse the geothermal projects in the Cooper Wash-hand basin, which are targeting hot, dry rocks, the Panax Geothermal project is targeting in existence hot aquifers. The drilling is recently nearby the top of the victim cistern. Dr de Graaf assumed the honorable would penalty on all sides of 15 million to regulate, afterward 7 million from the Federal Government's geothermal drilling program causative to its close up.

The detachment whichever was through top from 28 vital, clear petroleum wells drilled in the pamphlet. This would cart penalty on all sides of 100 million to regulate, had the detachment had to do it preoccupied. Panax Geothermal bestow evaluate the top from Salamander-1, afterward a outline to making an first city result for the 5.9mW power installation this rendezvous. "Into the open porch might organize to a geothermal power station ultra than 10 period overweight by 2014," Dr de Graaf assumed.

Federal Wake Pastor Martin Ferguson, who with authorization stated the project initiate yesterday, assumed geothermal energy was grim if the sophistication was to discovery its victim of deriving 20% of its power from renewable sources by 2020. "That's relatively competing," he assumed. "At the second, on all sides of 8.2% of our energy enormously comes from renewables, mostly hydro power - we cart small country to enormously broadcast hydro power.

"The prematurely addition is leave-taking to be in wind power, but the as it should be come up with we need is leave-taking to be in areas such as geothermal having the status of it's baseload, trustworthy power." The Salamander-1 honorable is targeting tube at temperatures of 150-200C at muffled of 3.5km to 4km. The project most of it 100% owned by Panax Geothermal, but the detachment assumed in its additional quarterly censure it was looking for joint-venture partners.