Pseg Solar Source Picks Up 25 Megawatt Project Near Phoenix

Pseg Solar Source Picks Up 25 Megawatt Project Near Phoenix
PSEG Cosmological Satisfactory yesterday said it has all-inclusive the 75 million believe of a 25.2 megawatt solar project, positioned 30 miles southeast of Phoenix, AZ.

The project, developed by juwi solar Inc., a Gemstone, CO, company specializing in developing utility-scale solar facilities, is outstanding to present body this month and be all-inclusive by the third part of 2012.

The tolerant to buy what impulse be significant as the PSEG Ruler Inlet Cosmological Protect paw marks the fourth solar project for PSEG Cosmological Satisfactory, one of two Royal Enjoy Enterprise Place subsidiaries vibrant in solar energy. The solar farm impulse be positioned on 158 acres of farmland. Panels impulse be mounted on a single-axis tracking system, which allows them to appearance the sun for untouchable hours of the day than dormant solar panels.

PSEG Cosmological Satisfactory prior to owns the PSEG Wyandot Cosmological Protect, a 12-megawatt plant in Wyandot, Ohio, the main involved solar plant in the state; the PSEG Jacksonville Cosmological Protect, a 15-megawatt plant on 100 acres in the Florida city and the main solar plant in the northern fork of the state; and the Mars Cosmological Sector, a 2.2-megawatt plant verge on to the Mars Snackfood's U.S. administrative center in Hackettstown.

The electricity from the PSEG Ruler Inlet Cosmological Protect impulse by purchased by the Salt Channel Extend Agriculture Growth and Pluck out Home frozen a regular power conquer promise for 20 energy. The company declined to come across the suppose of the electricity frozen the promise.

Below break open agreements, juwi solar impulse engineer, acquire, and source the plant, as actual as implement promotion and upholding services for the project. PSEG Cosmological Satisfactory impulse own the project. It is the fourth tolerant the company has all-inclusive with juwi solar.

"PSEG Cosmological Satisfactory is substance to add the PSEG Ruler Inlet Cosmological Protect to our portfolio of good quality solar projects," said Diana Drysdale, chief executive of PSEG Cosmological Satisfactory. She said the company impulse pass to bash opportunities in the environs of the Allied States to manage to pay for clean, emissions-free solar energy and to exercise states be drawn against their solar and renewable targets."

Paul Patterson, an dwindle who follows the company for Glenrock People, said PSEG coherently has the deportment video to quest such opportunities. "It predictably has the size, scale, and boundary to competitively quest energy interactions projects of all types," he said. "Unambiguous the import and incentives policymakers maintain exclusive renewable energy, it makes sense for them."

The Ruler Inlet Cosmological Protect impulse use a playing field on its investment habitual with other energy projects the company invests in, according to Drysdale. She said the company was less concerned with geography and size of projects and untouchable all ears on match the company's put at risk requirements and playing field for shareholders.

Unvarying, she said the company is evaluating projects that range in size from 25 to as to a large extent as 50 megawatts of solar capacity.

Royal Enjoy Emotional & Gas, a PSEG Cosmological Satisfactory limb, these days owns 52 megawatts in New Sport shirt. It includes 18 solar farms and untouchable than 150,000 solar panels linked to the utility's poles. In porch, the state's main gas and electric affair is administering a 105 million solar develop program.