Moving From Tequila To Ethanol

Moving From Tequila To Ethanol
A small revel of Mexicans from the theorist and variety sectors has been tiresome to get an Agave-to-ethanol project up and monitor. Exalted in sugar delighted, the project group estimates that varieties of Agave tequilana weber can productivity up to 2,000 gallons of distilled ethanol per acre per blind date and from 12,000-18,000 gallons per acre per blind date if their cellulose is included, several 14 dry plenty of feedstock per acre all blind date.

Lump ethanol, for example, has an energy climb ratio of 1.3 and produces just about 300-400 gallons of ethanol per acre. Soybean biodiesel, with an energy climb of 2.5, as a rule can productivity 60 gallons of biodiesel per acre where an acre of sugar rod can have children 600-800 gallons of ethanol with an energy climb of 8.0. An acre of poplar plants can productivity snooty than 1,500 gallons of cellulosic ethanol with an energy climb of 12.0, according to a Quarters Geographic examination published in October 2007.

"Exalted resonance agaves are inordinately fastidious feedstock physical for biofuel...for the train characteristics: jubilant table sugar evenness and content; jubilant enormity of the fruit and stems; evolution and meet cycles of six years; jubilant evenness of plants per hectare; inherited select and jubilant adaptability, low sea requirements; CO2 and capture; methane metabolism; alight retention; bush nutrition; products from inulin; and low maintenance participating in evolution," Madrigal thought.

"Our enhanced Agave tequilana weber group plants assemble a sugar delighted of 27o to 38o Brix, [which is] 3-times sugarcane's and square roughly 300 kilos (660 pounds) each unusual. But we've got plants from new to the job agave personal that square 1.2 metric plenty each with sugar delighted roughly 25o Brix, deputy that of sugar rod. This crucial that annually per acre, we may well confidently get 5,000 gallons of distilled ethanol and fifty metric plenty of dry biomass, with 33 metric plenty of cellulose delighted."

According to Velez's calculations, 7 million hectares of the Agave-to-ethanol team's enhanced Agave tequilana weber group may well give the ample 36 billion gallons of ethanol the U.S. government wishes by 2022 to consent with the renewable fuel received set forth in December of second blind date, as source as 250 million metric plenty of the dry biomass it is aiming to magnet by 2017.

"Agave thrives in semi-arid wastelands - 50% of Mexico - wishes no watering or agrochemicals, requires inordinately meager race grind and grows source in any type of alight, smooth fit tainted and steep terrains, while it takes nitrogen from the air. One-third of the world's habitable stately is temperate and semi-arid someplace agave can be sophisticated. More than a few agave personal be drawn against warm ranges from -14oC to 50oC," he thought.The figures resemblance intensely smiling to me. If Agave may well have children so distant snooty sugar per acre than sugar rod, apart from any need for nitrogen fertilizers and with low sea wants, why aren't we producing sugar from it petit mal now? I am unconvinced that they can intensely get 2,000 gallons per acre per blind date or 2.5 become old as distant as sugar rod. But, smooth if they were establish competitive with sugar rod, it seems be level with it would bully uncover feature its charming to full-grown on semi-arid wastelands. It would both be distant exclusive than through bump, if their figures are anywhere put forward sincere.

And as one who has suffered a bad tequila hold, I would distant closer use it to fuel my car than to gulp it.

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