Why Is The Slow Development Of China Solar Industry

Why Is The Slow Development Of China Solar Industry Image
In recent years, China's photovoltaic power generation market in China is accelerating start, but encountered problems of wind power and other new energy sources for many years "and network difficulties". This problem have, in addition to PV own shortcomings, power grid construction lag, the worrying thing is that in some areas, the photovoltaic power generation wind power is being copied resulting risk of delay in the Internet.

Adjustable existing power grid stretched weak controllability

From the perspective of the development of PV industry abroad, and the network is to achieve a global trend. The industry believes that only the realization of the grid, in order for the electricity generation efficiency, which achieve large-scale photovoltaic industry to ensure energy security, energy conservation is of great significance.

"But to achieve the current grid PV still has some difficulties." In the energy (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., general manager of high-PV re-yan said that his company has built the current year, the country's largest single rooftop photovoltaic power plants, and successfully achieve grid. However, high-repetition-en that their station has been able to quickly browse the Internet, mainly due to the Government to promote. "As a provincial demonstration projects, in Internet terms is a special matter, otherwise will not be so smooth." Yan said the high weight, and other new energy sources, like wind, solar and other intermittent characteristics of the current grid security and affect the stable operation.

Jiangxi Power Company engineer Peng Liping said: "Solar PV is poor ability to regulate energy, diurnal variation, changes in weather conditions and seasonal changes in both the impact of electricity generation, due to grid-connected PV systems do not have the peak and FM ability, his ability to access the grid to accept a higher requirement. "

Adjustable face poor control of photovoltaic power generation, China's power grid has failed to upgrade to its matching degree. The industry believes that the development of clean energy to achieve the goal of a new round of "energy revolution", the revolution is the prerequisite to achieve the grid must be established to meet the clean energy characteristics of intermittent power generation, with information technology, automation, interactive features "smart grid."

Reporters learned from the State Grid Corporation, the intelligent grid to achieve, it means that the input to the power grid is much higher than conventional power generation projects corresponding proportion of investment (the current ratio should be 1:1 and reasonable). The Chinese have long neglected the construction of the grid investment, invest part of the grid for many years only about 30% of investment in power generation, resulting in the development of a large number of debts grid development lag prominent exception. Therefore, the face of rapid development of new energy grid needs, the existing network become stretched.

Disconnect power grid planning standard-setting network lag

Reporters learned that China truly "GRID SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER PLANTS" are not many, most of the project is still at an experimental stage. Lack of operating data, making large-scale photovoltaic power generation will have much impact really hard to tell. Jiang Liping, vice president of National Grid Energy Research, said: "Even if these pilot projects never coordinated with the grid, so how better the power sector to support photovoltaic, wind power can only learn from the experience."

In fact the reporter noted, leading to an earlier start date can not be successful wind power grid some of the problems in today's solar photovoltaic power generation start time, had already started by showing the signs.

The first is the construction of power plant construction and grid planning out of touch. Experts have told reporters that a few years ago, when the rapid development of wind power, local power projects in the upper hand only consider local resources, but not concerned about consumptive market, making the construction of wind power and power grid construction is not complete. Some places even tap into the power grid, but also there have been no power to send out an embarrassing situation.

Today, such mistakes are copied to some extent by photovoltaic power generation. Jiangxi Power Company engineers Peng Liping lamented to reporters, said: "PV industry too fast, the power company does not flow of information sources, the new load not clear, the network planning and construction sometimes in a very passive situation, power grid construction difficult to adapt. "

Followed by network standards, product testing capability is missing, so that the power sector can not openly, "opened its doors." National Energy solar power research and development (experimental) Center Director Zhu Xiaodong said that in the field of wind power, China's standard-setting in the network and testing capability to lag behind the industry, resulting in mixed quality, and the network can not ensure product quality, security and stability of the grid in order to and security.

"Because of the lack of mandatory standards, the introduction of fan-owned enterprises, the deliberately removed part of the control components, reducing cost has affected the stability of the grid is not conducive to safety." Jiang Liping, vice president of National Grid Energy Research, said.

In the photovoltaic industry, lack of standards the situation is also similar. Statistics show that China's solar photovoltaic industry, there are more than 40 types of standard, but that is mostly about "SOLAR ENERGY" products, with the grid-related standards only three, but also all the recommended standard, and some have already expired.

Wind power to prevent repeat mistakes become "garbage power."

Although some areas of solar power wind power is then repeated ups and downs, but in the experts' view, China's large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation does not start, so urgently needed ahead of the layout, to pave the way for PV to achieve grid.

The researchers believe that "SOLAR ENERGY" to crack the "grid is difficult," chronic illness, we must first overcome the understanding of a big misunderstanding. "A lot of people think that a grid is the power sector to do, in fact, very different new and conventional energy, how to meet the security and stability of the grid, but also need to consider the solar energy business." Vice president of National Grid energy researcher, said Jiang Liping, in and network links need to power grid companies, manufacturers, developers (power plants) to form a common orientation. Power sector to strengthen power grid construction, photovoltaic industry also need to improve product quality, to develop a reasonable network standards. The experts recommend:

First, to enhance national power grid construction projects, increase investment, while setting a reasonable goal of building. Jiang Liping that, if you do not consider the input light from the technical aspects of starting and building a "smart grid" can be achieved. But given China's energy construction is still developing, most year for new power projects being put, so the power grid construction to the "safe, reliable, cost-effective" principle. "Led by the state to develop a network of development objectives, technical, management, specific requirements in all aspects." Jiang Liping said.

Second, the unified planning grid and power plant construction, photovoltaic power plants can not all do all the layout, network planning to be around. Jiangxi Power Company engineers Peng Liping suggestions to make the power grid construction to adapt to the rapid development of "PHOTOVOLTAIC INDUSTRY", the photovoltaic industry in the planning and preparatory work necessary to have the local power supply companies to participate in, and supporting network facilities as an integral part of industry, synchronization for the relevant land use and other procedures, in order to project power and photovoltaic industry can keep pace with the approval of simultaneous construction.

Third, to formulate a reasonable network standards, to improve the detection capabilities of Chinese solar energy products, to eliminate bad products to bring network security worries. Hebei Liuyao Cheng, vice president of Yingli Group, said the introduction of practical, simple and easy to operate grid-connected solar power plants and other technical standards and implementation manual, will not reach the standard, enterprise risk market exclusion, can prevent chaos in the industry to improve the overall level of photovoltaic power generation to ensure the safe operation of the grid.

In the formulation of specific standards, Jiang Liping recommended by the National Standards Committee can lead to power grid companies, dispatching experts, planning and development experts, manufacturers and developers are included in the team to go, listen to opinions from all sides.