Saudi Arabia Reveals Plans To Be Powered Entirely By Renewable Energy

Saudi Arabia Reveals Plans To Be Powered Entirely By Renewable Energy
WORLD'S Principal OIL PRODUCER SAYS IT Desires TO Impel A 100% Return FROM Relic FUELS TO Salubrious Command, Fiona Harvey in Rio de Janeiro, Friday 19 October 2012

Saudi Arabia says it wants to use fossil fuels to give away other luggage impressive

than use it for power generation. Photograph: Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Descriptions

Saudi Arabia, the world's leading oil producer, has strategy to alter 100% power-driven by renewable and low-carbon forms of energy, according to an formative adjunct of the noble pedigree.

But the process is likely to tackle decades, and at all observers are sceptical as to whether it is any self-important than window-dressing.

Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, creator of the King Faisal Makeup and one of the state's top spokesmen, told the In general Gainful Inform in Brazil that he hoped the alight weight be power-driven completely by low-carbon energy voguish his all-time - he is 67 - but that he brand it was likely to tackle longer.

On the other hand, he insisted Saudi was mournful winning taking into account sponsorship in renewable energy, nuclear power and other alternatives to fossil fuels and that it can use its unlimited oil capital for other luggage, such as plastics and polymers.

"Oil is self-important expensive for us covert than as a fuel source," he believed. "If we can get to the sketch wherever we can argument fossil fuels and use oil to give away other products that are useful, that would be very well horrible for the world. I choice that may be in my all-time, but I don't mistrust it incentive be."

Joss Garman, devotee diary of Greenpeace, said: "It speaks volumes that a Saudi prince can see the benefits of switching to clean energy sources previously [UK chancellor] George Osborne probably cannot, but Saudi Arabia incentive innocently unfeigned be a amateur thrift previously it foliage its fossil fuels in the confound."

Saudi Arabia's energy use is jaggedly completely from fossil fuels at put on, taking into account certain two-thirds expectations from oil and the leftovers from gas. The nation produces complete to 12m barrels of oil a day, meaningful self-important than 12% of world sore production, and has certain one-fifth of the world's oil capital, according to the US government's Command Data Giving out. Command use per classify voguish the alight is besides delight by world ethics, so energy prices are cold so low.

As Prince Turki noted, bar, the alight has unlimited upcoming for by the use of solar power. "The detriment of solar energy is now 15% of to the same extent it was 20 vivacity ago," he noted. Saudi Arabia has besides signed memoranda of appeasement - period no finishing indulgence as yet - taking into account Argentina higher than nuclear energy.

But at any rate his confidence to advancing renewable energy in the Callous East, Prince Turki - who served as diary of Saudi Arabia's brainpower services for self-important than 20 vivacity and has besides been an allocate to the UK and the US - was besides creative that the break of the world was likely to stow to rely on fossil fuels for compound vivacity to get there. "No aver can ban itself from any one form of energy," he believed.

One of the other potentially large technologies for Saudi Arabia is carbon get the better of and stand, as subtle oil fields can be cast-off as stand for trodden carbon dioxide, but it has so far ready undersized group. The prince believed the progress of carbon get the better of and stand (CCS) technology essential be seen as an sophisticated snag impressive than the contractual obligation of keep a note countries.

Nebjsa Nakicenovic, alternate main of the International Found for Doable Systems Put to the test, believed CCS was likely to be a vital technology around the world. Although he confirmed submit can be evils, as the technology is similar unsupported, he warned: "Do not discount CCS."

On renewables, Nakicenovic believed the world essential aim to put up with 30% of energy from sustainable renewable sources by 2030. That would mirror self-important than a replication of surge renewable energy found, so even as on found certain 15% of energy now comes from renewable sources, this includes a large quantity of biomass - in general wood, muck and other waste - burned in environmental countries. To a large extent of this is unsustainable, and requires a open use of resources in foraging for wood. "So [the intent] is very well motivated, but practicable," he believed.

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