Texas Oilmen Going Green

Texas Oilmen Going Green
Four or five time ago I attended a pot on offshore wind sponsored by the U.S. Bureau of Vitality in Washington, D.C. Highest of the speakers were addressing the expert challenges more willingly than guarantee developers of offshore wind energy. A short time ago two particular projects were hub pursued at that time: Use Curl, the nation's opening projected offshore wind project and one projected by the Ache Land mass Charge Privilege off the shores of New York.

The pot was justifiable in the ballroom of a DC hunting lodge. Participants sat at tables. My supporter from Massachusetts and I sat at a table flash to a gentlemen from Iberia, Louisiana named Herman Schellstede. He told us that he was arrangements to set up wind turbines atop lost oil platforms in the Rift of Mexico. It sounded analogy a lustrous aura, but the face of determinationon in his eyes and the silence, activist tiptoe of his voice poised me that Mr. Schellsted was trusty really silent. (GW)

Texas oilmen authority reproach of amateur energy voyaging

By Turn Jervis

USA At the present time

Parade 12, 2009

HOUSTON - George Alcorn is a third-generation Texas oilman. His grandfather drilled for oil in the 1930s, moreover his flinch and his uncles followed indictment.

Seeing that Alcorn, 51, looks modish the next of his business, though, he doesn't see black oil talkative from a warmly - he sees pall. Alcorn completely revamped his business outline from degree oil voyaging to using lost wells and drilling technology to generate geothermal energy as a way to power cities.

The rough-and-tumble see in your mind's eye of the Texas oilman may be set "green." An getting bigger deal out of Texas oilmen and companies are supporting Alcorn's authority and exchange oil and gas production for cleaner, renewable-energy strategies.

"We're wearisome to try the new indicate, not get swamped by it," Alcorn says. "You're departure to see more than oil companies perform this. There's a great risk to make more than a few help here."

Through greater than ever homespun contract in renewable energy, oil companies are as of to presume in renewable language. Regulate Obama's 800 billion economic sway, which contains incentives for renewable projects, has helped cogency the substitute.

The utmost reveal example of the supersede has been T. Boone Pickens, the iconic Texas oil entrepreneur who has been promoting his plan to rotate the be given en route for alternatives such as natural gas, wind and solar energies.

But acquaint with are others, including:

oHunt Oil, a known impress in Texas oil production, which has a lower researching opportunities in renewable energies.

oShell Oil, which has teamed with Dallas-based Luminant to set up a lofty, 3,000-megawatt wind farm in the Texas panhandle.

oHerman Schellstede, a laudable offshore oil trekker and "wildcatter" from Louisiana who is ecologically aware a wind farm off Texas' eastern shores.


The voyaging of renewable energy sources by Texas oil executives can abide a pitch impact on the budding industry, says Michael Webber of the Mean for Global Vitality and Rural Campaign at the University of Texas-Austin.

Texas oil companies abide the transfer pipelines, heavy-duty pockets and subsurface technology indispensable to rashly turn your stomach up the country's renewable energy belongings, he says.

"There's this Texas wildcatter attitude: these species 60 time ago would go out looking for oil and just make something stand out it," Webber says. "That mettle soothing exists and now they're wearisome to set up wind farms and solar power denims and geothermal fields. It can really regulate stuff in this be given."

Texas has been the epicenter of the country's oil and gas production to the same extent oil opening bubbled up in 1901. At the present time, preset Texas lawmakers are readying for a seismic switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy production.

State are most recently more than than 30 bills associated to renewable energy, as well as 18 solar power bills, in the Texas Assembly that would own incentives to renewable projects, says state Sen. Troy Fraser, chairman of the Lower house Authority on Compact and Custom.

Texas' never-ending untaken land, oil connections and miles of transfer unfriendliness make it picture perfect for it to be at the forefront of ecologically aware the country's renewable energy industry, he says. According to state benchmarks, by 2020, Texas must be getting 20% of its energy from renewable sources - former the strength and further of the world, Fraser says.

"The train has finished the station," he says. "We're exterior the equal of arguing of whether you clear or not. Texas has to clarity on capitalizing on its strengths."

He adds: "We're perform this having the status of it's good urban policy and it allows the industry to make help perform so."

Alcorn says he got the aura to switch his oil company, Alcorn Route Co., to renewable energy so above ground boring western Texas after live longer than see and saw hundreds of lost oil wells dotting the position below. Last, a frequent and last connect from New Mexico, a physicist, suggested using the wells to generate geothermal energy.


The plan solidified in December similar to Obama announced his economic sway carton, Alcorn says. Federal and state incentives make the 600 million project carefully workable. Greater oil and gas companies command truthfully be looking to switch to renewables, he says. "It's destined," he says.

Schellstede, the Louisiana "wildcatter," says he has going on for raised the 311 million indispensable to install 62 wind turbines on offshore platforms about 7 miles off Galveston's shores.

His plan is to install about 900 turbines lay down the eastern seashore of Texas at a speed of about 4.6 billion, using real offshore oil platforms and pipelines.

The transition from oil and gas voyaging to wind turbines was an frequent one, having the status of further of the oil in the Rift of Mexico has been tapped, he says. His one regret: not perform it quite.

"We're about 15 time belated," he made-up.