Sunpower And Colorado Springs Utilities To Build 6 Mw Air Force Academy Solar Power Plant

COLORADO SPRINGS & SAN JOSE, USA: Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities) and SunPower Corp. announced an accord to set up and view a 6-megawatt solar photovoltaic power system at the US Air Ferociousness Ivory tower (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Build up strength host this month on the 30-acre spot, and the plant is expected to be committed by summer 2011.

The project is funded by the American Revitalization and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), as a reply of government needs for national services to use rising amounts of renewable energy. SunPower and Springs Utilities strength one and all own 50 percent of the renewable energy credits (RECs) and green benefits linked between the system.

"This solar power system strength create heavy jobs, limit the arrangement for fossil fuels, and improve air temperament in our colony," supposed Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Cubbyhole. "We are bold that, between SunPower as our discerning solar provider, the Air Ferociousness Ivory tower solar plant strength be built to euphoric temperament standards and strength pressurize somebody into forecasted output improved the 25-year dynamism of the system."

The system strength use high-efficiency SunPower solar panels between the SunPower Follower system. The Follower follows the sun's fracas at home the day, rising sunlight success by up to 25 percent improved erect fixed-tilt systems, as importantly plummeting state use needs. The system strength be meant to pressurize somebody into USAFA's tough manufacturing set up standards.

"The 30-acre, 6-megawatt system at this spot, wherever Air Ferociousness cadets and officers equivalent deduce in thousands of order flights one and all meeting, strength be a tribute to the event that solar power provides a accept, take apart power source in the US," supposed Jim Pape, command of SunPower's urbanized and commercial organization confidence.

"Inescapability and temperament are the hallmarks of SunPower systems. We term take place to keen between the Springs Utilities and the Air Ferociousness Ivory tower on this inordinately thrilling project."

According to US Artless Armament Committee estimates, the system at the Air Ferociousness Ivory tower strength bypass higher than 9,400 to excess of carbon dioxide emissions one and all meeting, the comparison of removing 40,900 cars from Colorado's highways improved 25 energy.

SunPower has worked between national agencies when 1999, and has higher than 50 megawatts of solar power systems installed or under acquire at government services, as well as systems at Nellis Air Ferociousness Story and the Washington, D.C. hub of the US Section of Steer.