Important Questions 10Thsource Of Energy

Important Questions 10Thsource Of Energy

CBSE PHYSICS 10thSource of Energy

(Q.1) In thermal power plant, heat energy is converted into ( 1 mark )(a) Light energy

(b) Electrical energy

(c) Sound energy

(d) Potential energy(Q.2) Storage of water in reservoirs for hydro power plants cause socio-economic problems besides ( 1 mark )(a) Air pollution.

(b) Destruction of large eco systems.

(c) Water pollution.

(d) Sound pollution(Q.3) Hydro Power Plants utilize the potential energy of water stored at a height by ( 1 mark )(a) Changing potential energy to kinetic energy of flowing (falling) water and then converting it to electrical energy.

(b) Changing potential energy to heat energy of water and then converting it to electrical energy.

(c) Changing potential energy to gravitational energy of water and then converting it to electrical energy.

(d) There is no interchange of energy takes place(Q.4) Oxides of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur released on burning of fossils fuels are harmful because ( 1 mark )(a) They are acidic oxides and can cause acid rains.

(b) They cause noise pollution

(c) They cause sound problem

(d) They cause vision disorder.(Q.5) Which of the following is a green house gas?( 1 mark )(a) Oxygen

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Ozone

(d) Methane

(Q.6) Minimum wind speed required for moving turbines is: ( 1 mark )

(a) >24 Km/h

(b) >15 Km/h

(c) >12 Km/h

(d) >9 Km/h(Q.7) Power plants based on geothermal energy are found in: ( 1 mark )(a) South Africa

(b) New Zealand

(c) Zimbabwe

(d) Denmark(Q.8) Wood, coal, energy of flowing water and wind are considered to be: ( 1 mark )(a) Conventional sources of energy

(b) Unconventional sources of energy

(c) Renewable sources of energy

(d) Non-renewable sources of energy(Q.9) Kinetic energy of moving air or winds in coastal or hilly areas is harnessed to do mechanical work or generate electricity by using: ( 1 mark )(a) Wind Mills

(b) Generators

(c) Electric Motors

(d) Shafts(Q.10) Which of the following is not correct about the construction of solar cookers or solar heaters ( 1 mark )(a) Black surface absorb more heat as compared to white objects.

(b) Spherical reflecting surfaces can be utilized to concentrate solar energy.

(c) Covering with a glass plate cause increase in temperature by green house effect.

(d) Black surface do not absorb any heat.(Q.11) The material which is used in making solar cell is ( 1 mark )(a) Aluminum

(b) Carbon

(c) Silicon

(d) Iron(Q.12) Ocean-Thermal-energy conversion plants operate if ( 1 mark )(a) Water on the surface of oceans is cold.

(b) Temperature difference between the water at surface and water at depths up to 2 km is at least 293 K or 20o C.

(c) Temperature difference between the water at surface and water at depths up to 2 km is around 100C

(d) It is independent of temperature difference between the water at surface and water at depths.(Q.13) Which of the following is not a form of energy: ( 1 mark )(a) Mechanical energy

(b) Heat Energy

(c) Muscular Energy

(d) Frictional energy.(Q.14) Pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels can be controlled to some extent ( 1 mark )(a) By increasing the efficiency of the combustion process.

(b) By using fans in the vehicles.

(c) By increasing their cost.

(d) Banning the use of fossils fuels.(Q.15) Fossil fuels are considered to be non-renewable sources of energy because ( 1 mark )(a) They are produced underground and become costly to extract.

(b) They take millions of years to be produced though used in a little time.

(c) They produce a lot of smoke.

(d) They are less efficient fuels.(Q.16) Global demand for energy has grown to tremendous levels because of ( 1 mark )(a) Increasing industrialization

(b) Zest for better quality of life.

(c) Transport

(d) all round development(Q.17) It is a well known fact that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but still we say that there is an energy crisis because ( 1 mark )(a) Forms of energy keep changing

(b) Total energy before and after remains constant, but some of it is used to carry other functions.

(c) Usable form of energy is dissipated to the surroundings in less usable forms.

(d) We do not know how to use energy(Q.18) What is non-renewable source of energy? ( 1 mark )

(Q.19) Which type of energy we use to perform our day to day work? ( 1 mark )

(Q.20) Can you place alcohol under the category of renewable source of energy? ( 1 mark )

(Q.21) Name a renewable source of energy that we can harness for the whole year non-stop? ( 1 mark )

(Q.22) Which component of sunlight is responsible for carrying heat? ( 1 mark )

(Q.23) Which material is used for making solar cell? ( 1 mark )

(Q.24) Name two renewable sources of energy? ( 1 mark )

(Q.25) Name two non-renewable sources of energy? ( 1 mark )

(Q.26) What is tidal energy? ( 1 mark )

(Q.27) Which type of biogas plant has longer life? ( 1 mark )

(Q.28) Pick out the incorrect statement regarding a good source of energy ( 1 mark )(a) Would do large amount of work per unit volume or mass.

(b) Is accessible and economical.

(c) Is easy to store and transport.

(d) Is one which is expensive(Q.29) Burning of fossil fuel gives lot of energy, but has disadvantages in the shape of ( 1 mark )(a) Scarcity of fossil fuels

(b) Decreased pollution levels

(c) Fossil fuels have less efficiency

(d) Fossil fuels can not be used to generate electricity(Q.30) Improvement in the technology for using conventional sources of energy is becoming popular. Pick the odd one statement ( 1 mark )(a) More of energy is being extracted in the usable form.

(b) Pollution is being restricted.

(c) Sewage is also getting disposed.

(d) The process involves a lot of wastages(Q.31) Which of the following is not produced by destructive distillation of wood ( 1 mark )(a) Charcoal that burns without flames and is smokeless.

(b) Volatile substances that can be used for manufacture of other products.

(c) Harmless water

(d) Acid rain(Q.32) Biogas plants are gaining popularity in Indian villages because ( 1 mark )(a) They are available free of cost

(b) Provide a clean and cheap method of disposing animal and agricultural waste.

(c) It is outdated technology so available in villages only

(d) It is being encouraged by the government.(Q.33) An enormous amount of energy is being received by the Earth from "for 5 billion years and will continue to do so for another 5 billion years. ( 1 mark )(a) Oceans

(b) Sun

(c) Earth's atmosphere

(d) Melting snow(Q.34) A typical solar cell develops ( 1 mark )(a) A potential difference of 0.5 - 1 V and 0.7 W of electricity.

(b) A potential difference of 0.7 V and 0.5 W of electricity.

(c) A potential difference of 0.7 V and 1.0 W of electricity.

(d) A potential difference of 0.9 V and 2.0 W of electricity.(Q.35) The nucleus of a heavy atom such as uranium, plutonium or thorium when bombarded with low-energy neutrons, can be split into lighter nuclei and a tremendous amount of energy in: ( 1 mark )(a) Nuclear Fission

(b) Nuclear Fusion

(c) Nuclear warfare

(d) Biotechnological processes(Q.36) Many of the sources of energy ultimately extract their energy from: ( 1 mark )(a) The Earth

(b) The Sun

(c) The Environment

(d) The Plants(Q.37) What share of energy requirement in India is met by hydro power plants? ( 1 mark )(a) Half

(b) One-third

(c) Quarter

(d) Two-third(Q.38) Tehri dam is constructed over river: ( 1 mark )(a) Narmada

(b) Yamuna

(c) Ganga

(d) Mahanadi(Q.39) Which of the following is not a clean source of energy? ( 1 mark )(a) Wind

(b) Sun

(c) Uranium

(d) Geothermal energy(Q.40) What is the % of methane in biogas? ( 1 mark )(a) 75%

(b) 80%

(c) 85%

(d) 90%(Q.41) Joining of lighter nuclei to make a heavier nucleus, most commonly hydrogen isotopes to helium such as 2H + 2H ( 1 mark )(a) Nuclear Fusion, which is also the source of energy in the Sun and other stars.

(b) Nuclear Fission

(c) Isotopes

(d) Isobars(Q.42) What is geothermal energy? When is it available? ( 2 Marks )

(Q.43) Give two merits of solar energy. ( 2 Marks )

(Q.44) What are the limitations of wind energy? ( 2 Marks )

(Q.45) Why the use of dry wood is not considered as good domestic fuel? ( 2 Marks )(Q.46) What are the advantages of nuclear energy. ( 3 Marks )

(Q.47) Distinguish between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Give examples too. ( 3 Marks )

(Q.48) What are the forms of ocean energy that can be harnessed? Give some places in our country where it can be harnessed? ( 3 Marks )

(Q.49) State three advantages of solar cooker? ( 3 Marks )

(Q.50) From one fission of uranium 4x10-11 J of energy is produced. Calculate the total number of fissions necessary per second to generate a power of 20 KW. ( 3 Marks )

(Q.51) How much energy is gained by an electron when 1 atomic mass is converted into energy? Give your answer in MeV. ( 3 Marks )(Q.52) What is solar cooker? Explain its working with the help of a neat & labeled diagram. ( 5 Marks )