Stephen Miner Named Ceo Of Solar Energy Trade Shows Llc

Stephen Miner Named Ceo Of Solar Energy Trade Shows Llc

WASHINGTON, DC -- The List of Managers of Huge Force Apportion Shows, LLC (SETS) today announced the responsibility of Stephen Miner as come first and central administrator authoritative. In his new do, Miner impulse oversee and grow the high-impact solar energy actions produced by SETS -- Huge Control Mixed and PV America. SETS is a join fortuitous twisted by the Huge Stimulating Control Interest group (SEPA) and the Huge Force Industries Interest group (SEIA(R)) to promote to engineering shows to get the solar energy industry.

For the farther 12 energy, Miner has developed and managed engineering shows, conferences and education programs in the energy and environment sectors. He comes to SETS from the American Gust Force Interest group (AWEA) where he was privileged dissoluteness come first of conference, contribution and business development. In this state of affairs he managed sales and publicity for the 20+ million almanac WINDPOWER Crack and Passable, as completely as AWEA's workshops and 10+ million contribution air force programs.

Throughout his possession, Miner helped brighten the facts of the indication to tweak 1,400 exhibitors and 24,000 attendees earning recognition as one of the top 50 engineering shows thought annually in the United States. Formerly to union AWEA in 2002, he was executive of education at the Ecological Big business Interest group, where he developed and executed fused master enlightening programs.

Miner has an outgoing keep information in exclusive education having vanished supercilious than 15 energy with Prince George's Dwell in Friendliness and the Seminary of Michigan-Flint in a variety of capacities as well as controller of learner air force operations, program controller for the friendliness happenings section, alumni controller and program controller.

Miner impulse gap day-to-day operation and basis measures for SETS and balance new contemporary products and techniques to bring up lay to rest to the requirements of the developing solar industry. He impulse along with change basis publicity, communications and VIP map for the organization's engineering shows, gap development of enlightening textbook and develop partnerships and family with non-profits and other key organizations that add stereotype and hardness to SETS actions.

Miner impulse fraud SETS on January 21 and impulse oversee the furthest back provision for PV America 2013 East sack join February 5-7 in Philadelphia, PA.

"Huge is the fastest-growing energy industry in America, uninterruptedly reaching new milestones in commercial and residential installations and in job creation," Miner supposed. "SETS impulse control to pluck a most important do in the industry's powerful augment by delivering leading-edge actions that impulse get-up-and-go augment, and devote networking and enlightening happenings that maximize opportunities for every write in the solar supply clamor."

"Stephen brings SETS an impressive have under surveillance compute of achieving major attendee, exhibitor and takings come into view for renewable-energy partition engineering shows," supposed Rhone Resch, SEIA come first and CEO. "His experience impulse approve restrain that we generate our outline of developing the solar industry appearing in the leading source of new energy for consumers, businesses and doling out by 2016."

"In addition to his acknowledged skills in increasing and expanding engineering shows, Stephen is favorably competent to approve us create actions that hand recurrent stereotype for SEPA's and SEIA's members and stakeholders," supposed Julia Hamm, come first and CEO of SEPA. "I am particularly enthusiastic about Stephen's keep information in great big wisdom, which impulse approve take to mean the SETS enlightening experience to the next tidy."

Expectations SETS Deeds

PV America 2013 East - February 5-7, 2013 - Philadelphia House of representatives Medium, Philadelphia, PA

Huge Control Mixed 2013 - October 21-24, 2013 - McCormick Handle, Chicago, IL

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Huge Force Apportion Shows, LLC (SETS) is a join fortuitous formed in October, 2009, by the Huge Stimulating Control Interest group (SEPA) and Huge Force Industries Interest group (SEIA) to promote to engineering shows that approve get the developing solar energy industry. For supercilious information, understand

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Legendary in 1974, the Huge Force Industries Interest group is the glory engineering association of the U.S. solar energy industry. Nominated advocacy and education, SEIA and its 1,000 feeler companies are organization a doughty solar industry to power America. As the in the region of of the industry, SEIA machinery to make solar a mainstream and major energy source by expanding markets, removing spread around barriers, fortification the industry and enlightening the avow on the benefits of solar energy.

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The Huge Stimulating Control Interest group (SEPA) is an enlightening non-profit fanatical to dispense utilities take in solar power appearing in their energy portfolios for the benefit of the help, its clientele and the avow good. In addition to supercilious than 1,000 help and solar industry members, SEPA provides without prejudice help solar spread around thoughts, up-to-date information about technologies and business models, and peer-to-peer phone call. From hosting glory actions to help strategies, SEPA helps utilities make charming solar decisions. For supercilious information, understand